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Ha Vietnamese Cuisine

is a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Munich. Ha means sunshine and warmth. We cultivate the refined cuisine typical of the country with emphasis on North Vietnamese cooking tradition. We create our dishes from market-fresh, natural ingredients and through colours and shapes to works of art.

Vietnamese cuisine has many faces. It is influenced by climate, geography and many other cultures. In the course of history, three major currents have developed: the cuisine of the north, the middle and the south. The harsh climate of North Vietnam has given rise to one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes, pho soup, a spicy aromatic noodle soup served with beef, chicken or tofu. Exotic fruits, vegetables and spices thrive in the fertile and mild south, from which strongly spiced curries are prepared. Here the colonial influence is also more strongly represented, which is why grilled dishes with vegetables, herbs and spicy sauces are very popular. The centre of central Vietnam is the former imperial city of Hue. Here the art of cooking is particularly refined, as the art of eating has always been considered a way of life. Dishes are artfully garnished and presented to please the eye and palate. Common to all regions is the use of rice, glass noodles, vegetables and herbs.

Exotic herbs

The vietnamese cuisine lives from the variety of spicy and exotic herbs. The top 10 include Vietnamese mint, lemon balm, pepper leaf, Thai basil, coriander and lemongrass

Spicy sauces

Authentic Vietnamese sauces need imagination and sophistication. The variety of flavours ranges from caramel and the famous fish sauce to hoisin chili sauce and leaves nothing to be desired.

High-contrast aromas

The variety of ingredients, spices and herbs enables the high-contrast taste of Vietnamese dishes. Sweet, sweet and sour, hot, chili-hot, fruity and spicy. An alternating bath for taste buds and palate.

Vietnamese favourite dishes

Ha Vietnamese Cuisine is specialized in classics of Vietnamese cuisine. Our preparation is particularly natural, varied and artistic. Our recommendations: Pho soup, bun noodle dishes and summer rolls to roll yourself.

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